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How many guests can the Inn accommodate for a reception?

Our ballroom seats up to 72 guests comfortably. Larger receptions up to 140 guests are held under our white marquee. We do have the ability to increase our outdoor capacity.

How many overnight rooms are available and how many do we have to reserve?

We have 12 guest rooms. These rooms have enough beds for 30 guests. In keeping with creating a truly unique and exclusive wedding, our policy is that all the rooms are reserved for both Friday and Saturday night. Our past couples tell us that being surrounded by their family and closest friends for two days, sharing together both the anticipation and magic of the day is one of their fondest memories.

Is there a bridal suite at the Inn?

All of our guest rooms have their own unique character. When you visit us, you’ll decide which room feels just right. It’s our pleasure to include your room of choice as our gift to you when you book your wedding with us.

If we are reserving all of the rooms do we get a discounted rate?

We don’t offer a discount on the room rates for weekend weddings, other than our gift to the bride and groom.

What do we do if we need additional overnight accommodation?

There are many hotel options within a 30-minute drive of the Inn. Many of our couples have, in the past, arranged for a shuttle service to and from nearby hotels in order to ensure that their guests arrive home safely. We can assist you with this planning if need be.

What about all the other service providers like florists, photographers, officiants, hair and make-up artists, musicians & DJs?

You are welcome to arrange for your own service providers if you have professionals in mind that you’d like to use. There is no fee for this, but they must have their own liability insurance and or liquor license if required. If you are looking for recommendations, we can provide a list of various vendors who have been to the Inn before and worked with our couples in the past. To the above list, we can also add: stunning décor packages, fabulous wedding cakes, spa services, horse and carriage service, and limousine & transportation services.

Can we get married on site? Are there churches nearby?

Yes, and yes! Many of our couples choose to get married at our rustic open-air post and beam chapel. It is built on the foundations of the old carriage house.

Couples also choose “Apostles’ Row,” our cathedral of trees that Lady Mackenzie planted well over a century ago. The spacious verandah is another ceremony location. There are many lovely spots on the grounds. You’re free to choose whichever one speaks to you.

White folding chairs, signing table, DJ/Musician table, and set-up are included for your ceremony in our all-inclusive package prices. Couples can also get married in two local churches. Both an Anglican and a Roman Catholic Church are within a short drive.

How are children’s menus and pricing arranged?

There is no charge for children 3 and under. Children 4-11 are billed at half the adult rate. Children 12 and over are billed at the adult rate. We do offer a children’s menu tailored specifically for kids & we can discuss this with you to find the right fit.

Can we do our own catering or bring our own alcohol?

Providing your own caterer is something we don’t prefer. However, we are open to having conversations around this. We have an Executive Chef with 30 plus years’ experience in the industry who handles all of the food and beverage services provided by the Inn. However special consideration will be taken when inquiries for halal or other ethnic requirements are requested. We are licensed with the AGCO and operate by their guidelines. We do not allow guests to bring in their own alcohol, and the only alcohol permitted to be consumed on the premises at any time is alcohol supplied and served by the Inn and/or its agents or subcontractors. The only food-relat- ed item we do not provide is the cake, and you may bring in your own wedding cake.

We want to bottle our own wine/beer and serve it at dinner. Can we?

No. While it is fun to create your own wine/beer and special label as a keepsake, we don’t allow this at the Inn. We suggest that couples wanting to do this consider giving a bottle of wine or beer away to each guest as they leave at the end of the reception.

Are there additional charges for small or large weddings?

A 18.5% surcharge on the Event Fee (selected menu price x number of guests) will apply to any reception held in the tent to cover the additional costs involved with hosting an outdoor reception.

A small wedding fee of $3500 will apply to any wedding of 50 guests and under.

What about tables, chairs, linens, glassware and silverware? Is this included?

Yes, all of these things are included in our packages. We try to keep our pricing as clear as possible without the hidden extra fees that many venues have. You are welcome to add your own touches and additions.

We would love our dog to be part of the wedding weekend. Is this possible?

Yes! One advantage of having exclusive use of the Inn is that you can add these wonderful and very personal touches. We have had a number of pets involved in the ceremony, and they’ve been an important part of family pictures. A pet-cleaning fee of $50 per night will apply to any room where a pet is present.

Are there candles allowed at the Inn?

No, unfortunately not. We do not allow any live flame of any sort due to the heritage and historic significance of the building. However, we do allow any LED, battery operated mini candles, fairies’ lights etc.

Do you allow camping or bon fires on the property?

No, unfortunately not. However, we do have gas fireplaces for outdoor enjoyment in the evening. We have made special accommodation for one or two guests travelling from afar in an RV to park with restrictions.

Do you require a Damage Deposit?

We require a refundable $1500 damage deposit two weeks prior to your Event date, which will be applied against any damage to the property or grounds caused by a pet or anyone attending the event. If no damage occurs, we will refund you within 24 hours after the completion of your Event.

What about vegetarian and special diets?

We always have a vegetarian option available with your main entrée choice for those guests requesting this. Similarly, allergy-conscious and special diet menus can be accommodated with advance notice. There is no additional cost incurred.

How about glitter, confetti, bird seed or flower petals?

Glitter and confetti are not allowed. Bird seed is fine, but can be uncomfortable for the couple. We recommend rose petals or bubble blowers, as they can be a lovely addition at the close of the ceremony for family and friends to use.

When can we set up?

Because we host only your wedding, there is usually a high degree of flexibility for you to arrive earlier in the week if you’d like to drop off supplies or begin setting up special décor and touches. We just need advance notice so that we can arrange for a staff member to be on site to greet you. This can be a really fun time so that everything is prepared well in advance and you can truly enjoy your Friday and Saturday without feeling rushed and pressured to get everything done last-minute. Very few venues afford this luxury, and this is a benefit that our couples say was a great advantage to them.

Do we have to choose one of the menu packages? I’m looking for something else…

We welcome you to discuss any custom arrangements you’d like, both with menus and ceremony and reception styles. Our all-inclusive packages are a good starting point, but many of our couple’s tailor their wedding and reception with us to match their personal vision.

The Schedule of the Event

As this is an all-inclusive package, I would like to share the event schedule with you. Friday is your arrival day. You and your guests are welcome anytime from 2pm onwards. This is a leisurely day that progresses to our complimentary wedding rehearsal. This takes place when guests arrive typically around 5 or 5:30. Dinner is served on our expansive verandah shortly thereafter at 6 or 6:30 pm. The following day unfolds at your leisure with breakfast served in our ballroom at 8:30am, followed by lunch service and beverages at noon.

Generally, this time is spent with makeup and hair or excursions to a local golf course. The service is typically 4 or 4:30pm with passed appetizers and champagne served to your guests on our expansive grounds from 4:30-6pm. Photography is usually done at this time. A four-course plated dinner follows between 6-7:45 pm. Our candle light cake cutting occurs at dusk in our timber framed outdoor chapel or covered veranda. The open bar opens at 8pm with last call at 12 midnight with all outdoor music off by 12:30 in compliance with our local noise by law. You are more than welcome to bring your guests indoors to continue to celebrate if you desire. The next day is followed with your choice of breakfast served at 9:30am with a leisurely check out at noon.

How are deposits and payments arranged?

A non-refundable $1500.00 Event deposit is due when reserving your date with us, and at that time we will complete the Event Booking Agreement together.

A further non-refundable deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the remaining total fees for Services is payable six (6) months prior to the Event Date.

A further non-refundable deposit of thirty percent (30%) of the remaining total fees for Services is payable three (3) months prior to the Event Date.

The balance and final payment for Services, including all applicable taxes and fees are due and payable no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the Event Date, at which time final guest numbers and arrangements are also due.

Any additional charges occurring over the wedding weekend are settled on Sunday. All deposits and final payment may be made by cash, debit, credit, certified cheque payable to “Black River Food Company Ltd” or by e-transfer to

Covid Protocols

These will and can change daily and weekly without notice.

Possibilities will include any government mandated protocols e.g. may require negative covid test 24hrs before arriving, mask mandates etc.

DJs, entertainment, singer’s requiring plexiglass barrier’s will be provided by the guest.

The “Host” acknowledges that an alternate but comparable venue may be offered in the event the Inn becomes inaccessible. (Covid restrictions, fire, act of God etc.)

Black River Food Company Ltd. Has the right to postpone an event anytime within 30 days from the event date due to Covid restrictions in and outside of our jurisdiction of Kawartha Lakes health unit.